Review and Swatch : Revlon Natural Glamor Silky Blush On


My skin type      :

Normal to dry. Tapi karena pengaruh cuaca di Labuan yang panas dan lembab, kadang sedikit berminyak di daerah T-zone.

My skin tone      : Yellow (light) – NC 30, warm undertone

Description        :

Never has powder blush been so long lasting. Never has been so silky,so refined, also naturally glamorous.

Packaging          :

Handy dan mudah dibawa. Dilengkapi dengan cermin yang memudahkan pada saat touch up. Tapi saya tidak suka dengan design packagingnya, kelihatan murahan dan tidak glamour (rating : 1 out of 5).

Price                    : 

Where did I buy ? toko Beauty.

Here are my reviews :


On my hand


On my cheek


(+) Point

– Beautiful color

– Affordable

(-) Point

– Not pigmented. Need to swipe the blush repeatedly onto your cheek. I suggest to use dense brush.

– The brush is rough and it leaves discomfort on the cheecks.

Overall? 3 out of 5

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