Hi End VS Dugstore and Swatch of Maybelline 955 Empire Rouge Lipstick

Actually this lipstick is not mine. It belongs to my sister, Yolanda. As I wrote in the previous blog, I like to do some experiment with her makeup.

Yolanda likes high end brand cosmetics. Yeah, she adores branded stuff. She is a loyal fans of SK II, Shiseido, Clarins, Jill Stuart, Paul and Joe, MAC, Bobby Brown. And for fashion, she loves GUCCI, Louis Vuiton, Jimmy Choo, Celine, and Marchesa.

Fyi, she never buys replica or fake branded stuff. She always buys the original one. Yolanda believes that high end brand always give the best quality. You get what you pay.

It’s totally different with me. I love branded stuff, but don’t limit myself to only use the high end brand, I also like to try drugstore product. For cosmetics I prefer drugstore product. The reason is because I like to try different make up and experiment with make ups.  Also, drugstore products usually come in a good quality. For example : NYX, Revlon, Maybelline, etc. Don’t underestimate drugstore product.

But for skin care I still prefer the high end product. Because drugstore skin care never give me a good result. High end skin care always give good result.

This time I tried one of Yolanda’s lipstick and surprisingly it comes from drugstore product, Maybelline. I asked her why she bought Maybeline (I was curious since Yolanda never bought drugstore product). She bought this lipstick as a property for her church drama. Hahahahahaha….Told you before, Yolanda never use drugstore product for herself  *_*

Here are the swatches of Maybelline 955 Empire Rouge Lipstick….


It’s a beautiful red lipstick. If I compare this lipstick with NYX round lipstick in Snow White (which is also red), I prefer Maybelline rather than NYX. Because Maybelline is more creamy, so it’s easier to aplly. Besides, it doesn’t make my lips dry.

Overall? 5 out of 5..

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