Swatch : Skin Food Lipstick “Orange Salmon OR502”


(+) Point

– Beautiful orange salmon lipstick

– Doesn’t make my lips dry

– Smell and taste yummy…Like a candy😀

– Affordable


(-) Point

– The color is very sheer…Not pigmented….

– It’s not long lasting…So need to be re-applied…


Overall ???3 out of 5

4 thoughts on “Swatch : Skin Food Lipstick “Orange Salmon OR502”

  1. warnanya bagus ya kalau di swatch di bibir… kukira bakalan terang banget seperti di foto pertama, tapi hasilnya keliatan natural, bukan warna oranye yang berlebihan.Nice review🙂

  2. @noniq : In my opinion, better you go to the skin food counter and swatch the lipstick on your lips…Then u will know whether its match or not with ur skin color🙂

  3. @shasha : kalo korean lipstick kecenderungannya suka soft warnanya…Beda dengan produk USA yang sangat pigmented. Ada plus minusnya…kalo korean lipstick terlihat natural…

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