Swatch : LT Pro Lipstick Palette

Hello dear,

Today I wanna share one of  my palettes. It is a lipstick palette from Indonesian make up brand, LT Pro.


This palette comes with 5 gradations of pink color.


Here are the swatches…

Swatch on my hand…


The third and forth (from left side) color is similar…


And here are the swatches on my lips…Sorry for the chapped lips…My lips very dry lately…Beware !!! There are some Narcissistic pictures of mine😀



So whats my review ?


(+) point :

– The color is beautiful. I love all of this color – the gradation color of pink. Very cute….

– The packaging is handy and very great for travelling. Don’t need to bring all of my lipstick collection.

– We can mix the color and voilaaaa….We can create new color !!!

– Affordable


(-) point :

– I hate the texture. It’s very hard to apply.

– I hate the brush. Low quality and cannot give a good result after apply with this product


– It makes my lips dry.

– There are 3 colors that are similar when applied on my lips.


 Overall 3 out of 5

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