Review and Swatch : Missha Nail Polish GR003


This is my first nail polish from Missha, one of Korean make up brand. I decided to buy this nail polish because the color is beautiful….I don’t know how to describe in English….But in Bahasa Indonesia, this color is described as ‘biru telor asin’.


Honestly, I don’t like this polish. The quality is really bad. It’s hard to apply. Look at the picture below. The polish is streaky when applied on my nail….


And it is also not long lasting. After 3 days, nail polish peel off.100_0631_copy

Too bad…Beautiful color but low quality. Bad combination, huh?

Overall? 2 out of 5…

2 thoughts on “Review and Swatch : Missha Nail Polish GR003

  1. Long time ago i used missha nail polish too in black colour. Agree with you the quality is just so2. But the colour is pretty. :3 isn’t it blue sky colour? This is the first time for me hearing biru telur asin :p i think telur asin is in white colour LOL

  2. @rini : hahahahahha…I think the white egg is telor ayam kampung…LOL…Btw, in my hometown, telor asin is in blue color just like my nail polish..Next time I will take a pic and upload it in my blog…Hahahaha…That’s why i described this color as biru telor asin..LOL…

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