7 Jan 12 : Party…Party…Wedding Party….

Hey dear,

As I told you on my previous blog, today I will attend my hubby’s best friend wedding. The wedding held at Hotel Mulia, Senayan Jakarta.

Yanto, the groom, is my hubby’s best friend since in a kindergarten. Wow…I amazed by their friendship…

Here is the bride and the groom..


Picture of me, hubby, and Nicole…Img_0253_copyImg_0255_copyImg_0256_copyImg00021-20120107-2204_copy

My adorable Nicollette…


Nic with her cousin…Jocelyn and Jonathan..


Me with my in law…


Nic with her uncle, Iwan..


I met one of my friend, Wenny…We haven’t met for 2 years…The little girl that I carried is Magic, Wenny’s daughter…Very cute right?


Also met Andre…This young man has a good sense of humor and good personality as well..


Look at my hubby…So silly..Hubby, what are you doing? LOL…


Last but not least…Narcissistic picture of mine…😀


Once again…Congratulation Yanto and Santy…God bless your marriage..

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