Review : Lioele Up and Down Mascara

Hey ladies,

It’s time to review Lioele Up and Down Mascara. Lioele is a Korean make up brand which impressed me. Beside of the cute packaging, most of Lioele product has a good performance.

For me, mascara is a must. That’s why I like to do some experiment with various brand of mascara. But its kinda hard to find a perfect mascara for me since I have oily lid and typical Asian lashes (downward-pointing and stick-straight lashes)….

In my opinion, one of the solutions for Asian lashes is Japanese or Korean mascara. Most of them are suitable for Asian lashes. It holds the curl

Finally I gave Lioele Up and Down Mascara a shot. I bought this mascara directly from Korea. I asked my brother in law to buy it for me.


What does this mascara claim to do?

Lioele Waterproof Up & Down Mascara is an do it all mascara! It curls, volumize, and it adds nutrition! You are actually benefiting your eyelashes instead of damaging them! Strong curling effect for long lasting holds, preventing droopy lash effect.

Waterpoof mascara that doesn’t smudge even with tears. Apply with a soft bullet-type brush specially designed for upper eyelashes. It evenly distributes to each strand of lash one by one ,providing it a clean and voluminous look.

A second curved mini-brush for lower lashes. Brush design to seperate lashes to evenly coat eat lash giveing it a doll like vivid expression. Longer bottom lashes will brighten eyes and making eyes look rounder and more youthful.

Made from ingredients that are water resistant and oil resistant,the mascara forms a shiny and transparent film to express the darker colors,and prevents sagging caused by moisture.

Here is the product…..


This mascara has 2 brushes, the first brush is for the upper lashes…


and the second one is for bottom lashes….


I love the brushes !!! Especially the second brush. It’s small and slanted…


This slanted brush is very helpful to apply mascara for my bottom lashes. As you know, its kinda hard to apply mascara with a BIG brush (especially my eye is small)…The result tend to be very messy…But this brush is perfect for bottom lashes application.

Here are the pictures of before – after application of Lioele mascara…


As you can see at the pic above, this mascara can lengthen my lashes. But frankly speaking the curl-holding ability isn’t awesome and not dramatic as my HG Mascara, Loreal Volume Shocking…

After 6 hour of application, this mascara didn’t smudge on my oily lid at all….BRAVO !!!


(+) Point

 – As the claims said….This mascara curls and volumize my lashes.

Perfect for daily usage because the result is natural (not dramatic)

Easy to remove

Doesn’t  smudge on my oily lid

(-) Point

The result is not dramatic as Loreal Volume Shocking. Personally I prefer dramatic than natural look😀


Overall ???  4 out of 5…I give 4 because it didn’t give dramatic look…


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