Salon Mediterraneo

Today I want to pamper myself !!!

That’s why I went to Salon Mediterraneo to do hair treatment. I love to have this kind of treatment. It is simply because treatment like this can give nourishment to my dry hair, besides the massage can relax me little bit.


I went to this salon with Nicole. While I was doing this treatment Nicole played with salon staff. That’s why I liked to go to this salon, because the staff is very nice and helpful, can take care of Nicole while I do some treatment…


They also have free wifi…


This is the salon…


This is the facial room…


Salon Mediterraneo also sells a fashion stuff such as dress, pants, skirt, T-shirt, bag, shoe, accessories and so on…


And here are my two favorite staff at Mediteraneo Salon….They are very kind…The girl with black shirt is Lia, she is very skilled.


Btw, there is a western restaurant next to Mediterraneo Salon. The name of the restaurant is Danny and Brasco. It owned by Danielle, a very nice Italian guy. When I was doing the treatment, I ordered food from Danny and Brasco. Here is the food…Sorry I forgot the name😀 I will do review of Danny and Brasco resto soon…:D


If you are looking a good salon at Labuan Bajo, you can try Salon Mediterraneo. In my personal opinion this salon is quite good compared to the other salon in Labuan Bajo.

Ohhhhh….I felt fresh and relax after did the hair treatment ..Life is good !!!

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