Swatch : Milani Rose Hip 07 Lipstick

Hey Ladies,

Today I want to share one of my collections…A hot fuchsia pink lipstick from Milani brand…Fyi, this is the first Milani lipstick i ever had…To be honest I underestimate this lipstick before, because of the price..It’s very cheap…..


What I like about this lipstick?

1.       Beautiful color

2.       Pigmented, bold, and has no shimmer

3.       Inexpensive

4.       Has a nice scent

Overall, I’m very happy with this lipstick…In my opinion, Milani lipstick is better than NYX lipstick…I will review NYX lipstick on my next blog post….

One word from me, “Never judge a lipstick by its price”😀 And yes…Definitely I will buy another Milani product…Affordable and has a good quality…

Btw, I spotted Nicole try my lipstick while I was taking picture for this review. Oh gosh.. I think Nicole is getting more girly day by day…And for sure she is copy-cat-ing me…


And I guess, ‘girly’ is on our blood…LOL…Like mother like daughter…*_*


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